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Our extensive education, experience and compassion can help you navigate challenging times while we create a judgment free zone with you to develop skills, strength and vitality so you can become your BEST self. 


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About Us

All of our offerings at  flourish!  were created with the belief that the ability to be in the present moment, without judgment,  is key to establishing well-being ... but getting there usually requires a wide breadth of guidance and facilitation.  You can choose from a variety of integrative services  to get you where you want to go and at a pace that feels comfortable for you. 

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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the conscious practice of directing your attention to a particular thought, feeling, moment or sensation without judgment and with objectivity.   Research has found the cultivation of increased mindfulness through meditation can help individuals in a variety of ways including mitigating feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and pain. 

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Our Practitioners

All of our practitioners incorporate mindfulness  and other evidence-based practices as common threads for counseling, groups, nutrition consultations and educational classes.   Cyndi Collen, LCSW and Marcia Sherrod, LCSW are psychotherapists for individuals and groups;  Morgan Molidor, MS is a Functional Nutritionist focusing on mental health.      

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Flourish Psychotherapy & Nutrition, LLC

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