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Mindfulness Skill Development Group Class for Anxiety And Depression

Thursdays  7:00pm - 8:30pm

8 Sessions starting February 8, 2018

Luminary Counseling  *  6019 Belfast Dr * Austin  78723

Mindfulness is a modern therapeutic approach based on Buddhist psychology and can help individuals develop an awareness of the present moment while experiencing and observing thoughts and emotions from a non-judgmental and objective perspective.

How does mindfulness help?  Mindfulness is an evidenced-based practice to mitigate anxiety and depression.  The development of mindfulness awareness and skills can help individuals break patterns, like catastrophic thinking or self-blame, which often lead to panic attacks or chronic unhappiness.

What are the benefits of this skill development class?  The curriculum was designed to subtly cultivate mindful awareness while at the same time teaching you how your brain, gut and nervous system interact with each other in ways that can produce feelings of anxiety and depression. We use in-class exercises, discussion, meditation and homework to integrate the material so that you can learn how to differentiate thoughts from feelings, current experiences from past experiences, and begin to tolerate feelings of uncertainty and hopelessness in the present moment.